Elsa Dagný Ásgeirsdóttir is a recent graduate from the product design department at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Her final project is Fragments – Translation from a tooth to a pearl.


Ásgeirsdóttir wanted to find a design ­process to make a family collection of teeth more accessible and visible.

As many Icelanders, my family had spread around the country and overseas. However fragments of our collective memory was kept in a little box, hidden in a drawer in the form of a tooth collection. The teeth were collected with care and cordiality but were not considered appropriate for display.


Ásgeirsdóttir transformed the teeth into powder and ­fused it into glass pearls.


As jewelry the tooth pearls can now be worn by family members as a ­window into the past and a symbol of ­collective memory.



This is our third annual round-up of the final project by graduates from the Iceland Academy of the Arts, showcasing the brand new Icelandic design talent. For all previous posts in The Graduates category, see here.


Images Courtesy of the designer