Kári Ólafsson is a recent visual communication graduate from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. His final project is WRESTLING 101, a book that portrays the history of  American wrestling through drawings and text.



It includes the basics of wrestling slang, some examples of performers through the years, as well as a chapter on how wrestling has successfully adapted globally. The standees that go with the book serve as a chance for few of my drawings in the book to be enjoyed on a grand scale. They are also reminders of the marketabiltiy of pro-wrestling.



I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was 13 years old but I only came out of the wrestling closet last year.

Wrestling is not a sport but the people who practice it are athletes who sacrifice their bodies on a grand stage for everyone to see whilst also having to perform the lines given to them like actors. This is quite possibly the only profitable performance art.

There is a lot of prejudice against this corner of pop culture and I hope that through this project I’ll be able to positively change people’s view on this often misinterpreted entertainment.




This is our third annual round-up of the final project by graduates from the Iceland Academy of the Arts, showcasing the brand new Icelandic design talent. For all previous posts in The Graduates category, see here.

Images Courtesy of the designer