With less than three weeks to go, there are several things to think about, but none of them as important as candy. May we present, the official festival candy 2014, DesignMarchipan (isl. Hönnunarmarsipan) in the making!

HönnunarMarsipan_photo_JuliaSchygulla2 HönnunarMarsipan_photo_JuliaSchygulla3

Designed by Arna Rut Thorleifsdóttir and Rán Flygenring and produced by Sambó, it is an enormous liquorice allsorts cube. According to the designers,

It has 400% more layers of marzipan than the average classic cube, and 700% more licorice layers. The result is approximately 1100% more of everything.

HönnunarMarsipan_photo_JuliaSchygulla8 HönnunarMarsipan_photo_JuliaSchygulla4

First introduced in 2011, the colours of the candy change every year. This year’s edition is blue and yellow with black stripes.

Honestly,  the colour choice is simply based on our personal taste. But poetically, we are concidering connecting it either to Swedish design influences or to the blue mountains and yellow flowers of the Icelandic wilderness.

HönnunarMarsipan_photo_JuliaSchygulla5 HönnunarMarsipan_photo_JuliaSchygulla9 HönnunarMarsipan_photo_JuliaSchygulla10

10% of the profits of the liquorice cube go to support the Icelandic Cancer Society – which gives you all the better a consciousness to eat lots of it…



Images by Julia Schygulla