The Reykjavik Grapevine, the local English language newspaper just handed out the fourth annual Design Awards. Once again, they rounded up a small panel of design-savvy folks to help them determine what was most cutting-edge in 2013.

Winners for the Grapevine Design Awards 2014 were announced on Friday last week, with a nice ceremony, music and DesignMarchipan at Loft Hostel.

Here are a few snapshots from the event by our lovely Julia.

Our congratulations and til hamingjus for all winners and runners-up in each of the four categories! See the complete results here.

Grapevine_photo_JuliaSchygulla8Grapevine_photo_JuliaSchygulla9Grapevine_photo_JuliaSchygulla10Grapevine_photo_JuliaSchygulla11Grapevine_photo_JuliaSchygulla12Grapevine_photo_JuliaSchygulla2Grapevine_photo_JuliaSchygulla13 Grapevine_photo_JuliaSchygulla3 Grapevine_photo_JuliaSchygulla5 Grapevine_photo_JuliaSchygulla6 Grapevine_photo_JuliaSchygulla7 Grapevine_photo_JuliaSchygulla14 Grapevine_photo_JuliaSchygulla15Grapevine_photo_JuliaSchygulla1 Grapevine_photo_JuliaSchygulla16Grapevine_photo_JuliaSchygulla18 Grapevine_photo_JuliaSchygulla17



Photos by Julia Schygulla