Happy New Year!

We here at the Iceland Design Centre will be starting the year in style – by heading to the Blue Lagoon together on Friday! While waiting for it, here is something to get you in the mood:


Mermaids in mist, pallets and flirty lashes – welcome to the imaginative world of the Weird Girls, created by concept artist Kitty Von-Sometime (see last image of this post).

Noticing her female friends’ social self-consciousness and lack of constructive outlets the British expat dug out costumes and set up a photo shoot.



In five years the project has expanded to over 60 girls, dozens of ‘episodes’, collaborations with various artists including music videos for Emiliana Torrini and Agent Fresco and dozens of spandex outfits in the Weird Girls’ closets.
These images are from the Blue Lagoon Special Episode that focuses around rebirth and the concentration on confidence.


The women became water creatures conceptually based around flying fish. Shying away from the oberver they gradually engage and then throw themselves up from the water, exhibiting their splendor,

says Kitty Von-Sometime.

 A native of UK, Kitty Von-Sometime describes her interest in Blue Lagoon in the following way,
Previous to moving to Iceland, I visited Blue Lagoon every time I came as a tourist to the country, often more than once per visit. It is a magical place unlike anywhere else I have visited and its combination of natural wonder and first person experience made it a winner. Visually it is incredibly striking and I always wanted to use it as a location in one of my films. The steam and the strange almost milk like water provided me with an enchanting place to present my creations.


Beautiful, don’t you think?




For all the episodes and more information, see here. Have a great first week of 2013!


Images Courtesy of Kitty Von Sometime