As the autumn rain keeps pouring down, we thought it was a good moment to look back and reminisce to last summer.

Here is a wonderful project from the Torg i Biðstöðu program (Read more here) :Óðinstorg.

A work by artists Hildigunnur Birgisdóttir and Bjarki Bragason along with product designer Rúna Thors, the parking lot was temporarily transformed into a square and a playground for two months.

before danniafter danni

The team painted over the parking lines to create a new playful connection to the square. The tropical color came as an inspiration from the Roland Garros tennis stadium in Paris. Because of the short duration of the square the team chose to use recycled materials, platform wood and steel tubes, easy to put together and apart to make use of  in different ways.


The square was used for music, playful activities as well as people sitting on the grass enjoying a good book and coffee. The team set up a string tennis and chalk markers for children let their imagination run free.


Café C is for Cookie and French Bistro, SNAPS became a cosy part of the community by setting up tables, chairs and a booth with refreshments and coffee for people to enjoy in the sun. See here for instagram shots by the restaurants.


In addition to changing the car park, the team also cleaned up the environment surrounding the square to give it a more positive atmosphere.


With relatively small changes, for a few months the plain carpark turned to a vibrant square full of life. We look forward to seeing what happens to Óðinstorg next, as the official planning for the square continues.


Read more about Torg í Biðstöðu here.


Images courtesy of Rúna Thors