Happy Monday! It may be cold outside, but we are taking another look back at this summer’s Torg í Biðstöðu project. During the summer, Vitatorg was transformed into a vibrant square filled with exciting events, such as Culture Night, Gay Pride, Pop-up Yoga and Restaurant Day, organized by graphic designer Krista Hall and product designer Guðrún Harðardóttir.

Vitatorg painted

According to the designers, Vitatorg did not allow for many changes by already being a proper square, so they decided on making small changes with big impacts and mainly focus on events instead.

“All graphic work was carefully made – we wanted to create an identity for Vitatorg, choosing colors and pattern we used for painting the walls, the props, tables, logo and the layout of the posters we made for each event”


The simple and organic layout made Vitatorg a perfect location to host various creative events from Kubb tournament to knitting day, pop-up yoga to flea market, with surrounding trees and plants creating a warm atmosphere.


“As the square partly belongs to social apartments for the elderly, we wanted to have one event focused on them, to bring them outside and together.”


“We teamed up with the group Pop-Up Yoga Reykjavik — with all that space at Vitatorg and the sun shining, it was the biggest pop-up yoga event in Reykjavik so far!”


Finally, for Restaurant Day, Guðrun and Krista teamed up with product designer Ágústa Arnardóttir to create the cosy pop-up bar Kleinubarinn, serving traditional Icelandic doughnuts (kleinur) with a new twist. Oh boy, was it delicious!


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Images courtesy of Guðrun Harðardóttir & Krista Hall