Did you visit the Reykjavík Winter Lights Festival? From the 6th to 15 February, a number of light-art installations were exhibited all around the city, illuminating some of the Reykjavik landmarks. The festival aims at illuminating the dramatic darkness of the Icelandic winter with a collection of sparkling events.

Our wonderful new intern Julia toured the festival. Here is her reportage, enjoy!


The festival, starting with Denver Calling Concert, a cross-cultural celebration featuring musicians from Denver, Colorado USA and Iceland, held at Iðnó Theatre, allowed the visitors to experience the city from a new and exciting perspective.


The statues in the Sculpture Garden of Einar Jonsson Museum came to life at dusk. The garden was transformed to a mystical realm with lights, video and sounds.



The Museum Night kept the museum doors open during the night-time.  The guests got the chance to explore photographs by Icelandic photographers of children at work in Iceland in the early 20th century or to listen to tales of retired sailors at the Coast Guard Vessel Odinn.




British artist Richard William Wheater of NeonWorkshops.com showed his newest artwork inspired by northern lights.



“How does Faroe Islands sound?” is an incredible visual and music performance from Faroe Islands
by Jens L. Thomsen and Uni Árting.


Pool Night guests could experience in-pool activities, music and pool illuminations in various
of the city’s geothermal swimming pools.


Here are a few video clips from the festival:


Text and images by Julia Schygulla
Videos by courtesy of Reykjavik Festival City